What Our Customers Say
“Kelvin came today and I was very impressed by his manners and work. Thanks to everything he did for me, I will surely be using Oak Grove Heating and Air Conditioning from now on.”
– James O. - Hattiesburg, MS
“Hogan is by far one of my favorite technicians. I request him every time I have a problem. He stays and takes time to explain everything to me.”
– Charles A. - Hattiesburg, MS
“Cody goes over everything when he checks our units for the summer or winter. He has never missed a thing so I've never had to call back on him. And, he has very good manners.”
– John S. - Lumberton, MS
“Rarely does anyone compliment the office workers, but I have to say the young ladies that work at Oak Grove Heating and Air Conditioning have the sweetest voices and make sure I'm taken care of. They even remember if I'm sick so they can ask how I'm doing the next time I call.”
– Satisfied Customer
“Ms. Laube they were very knowledgeable when they took time to explain to me what was going on with my unit and telling me what they needed to do. They did a wonderful job and I’m so glad I decided to go with them. I will be sure to use them every time I need my unit worked on.”
– Cody & Michael
“I have had some problems over the years with my house so I have had plenty of guys come out and fix the issues. But by far I think Hogan has been the best. He was so polite and you can tell he was raised right. He helped me with everything even stayed for a while and talked to me. I am very impressed!”
– Mr. Grim
“Such a gentleman and they should have more people like him in this world. He saved my life and made my day, no my week, all in one trip. I would recommend more Oak Grove Heating & Air to anyone and everyone!”
– Mrs. Brown
“Michael was extremely knowledgeable and was very upfront with letting him know just exactly what he would be doing and what charges would be attached beforehand. He was also very polite and makes a good example of what to expect when doing business with Oak Grove Heating & Air.”
– J. Leak
“Stevison was a amazing tech and very sweet!!!”
– K. Headwick
“Thank you all for your working professionalism, (the guys took off their boots before coming in my home due to the wet weather), friendly and kind voice from Jennifer, who answers the phone calls and deals with our problems. Cody and Josh who have been at my home over the past 6-7 years. It is wonderful to see a family atmosphere of genuine care in working and in helping customers. I love to see Cody and Josh. Great Guys!”
– D. Lee
“Cody was quick, tidy and respectful while servicing my system.”
– Mr. Trimble
“Mikey & Dalton were courteous, clean and kind while doing a good job on my install.”
– J. Smith
“This past Friday, two of your excellent technicians, Kyle and Mikey, serviced the three units at our home under the contract we have with you. We continued to be impressed with the with the courteous and can do attitude of both the men. Weve decided to renew the contract. Weve always received solid support from the Oak Grove team, from the phone greeting (Jennifer and others) when we call, to the service we receive from each of the technicians.”
– J. Kinnan